The surroundings of Gagnef are a paradise for whom who likes to fish. Brooks, rivers and large and small lakes have a wide range of fish species. Fly fishing is also possible in the river Dalälven.

A fishing license for the Gagnef area costs 50 SEK per day or 150 SEK for more days. You can buy this license at the Tourist Office or at "Vestli’s Fiske". Both are situated in Djurås at 5 km from our park. People at "Vestli’s Fiske" can give you a lot of information about the best fishing spots and they have a large fishing assortment.

Lake Svartjärn is a small beautiful fishing lake at a distance of 4 km. Here you can fish according the so called Put-and-Take way. This fishing card costs 80 SEK and you can buy it at "Vestli’s Fiske". With this card you are allowed to fish for 12 hours or catch a maximum of 3 fishes.

Lake Gimmen, nearby our park, and lake Runn, between Borlänge and Falun, are both large lakes for fishing.

Read more information at Gimmens Fishing club >> and Gagnef Fiske >>

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