You can ice skate fantastic and endless on the many lakes!!

For those who like to make large and endless ice skating tours on nature ice Lake Runn in Dalarna is an Eldorado.
On Lake Runn you can skate on swept tracks of different lengths (even to 50 km), both for the beginner as for the experienced ice skater. A real ice skating paradise for the whole family and ideal for shorter and longer tours.
Every winter ice skating is possible and usually from the middle of December until the end of March.

Lake Runn is located between Falun and Borlänge and can be reached, depending on where you want to start, by a 20 until 30 minutes car drive from our park.


Runnwinterweek When you want to experience a winter festival with lots of action and many magnificent activities then Runn Winter Week is recommended. From very exiting games to popular family activities. This event is organized every year.
The progam is mentioned on the website Runn Winter Week >>.
In 2018 the Runn Winter Week is from 10 to 25 February.

The yearly Grand Prix ice-skating marathon, organized by the Dutch Ice-Skating Association (KNSB), is also a part of the Runn Winter Week.

ice-skating Runn meer-1 KNSB ice-skating marathon Falun
ice-skating Runn meer-2 ice-skating Runn meer-3
ice-skating Runn meer-4 swedish skates

You can bring your own ice-skates, but you can also hire Swedish skates at Runns Sjöbod >> at Lake Runn. The hire package consists of a pair of skates, shoes and ice prickers. The rental price is about 150 SEK for 2 hours and 200 SEK for a whole day.

Our holiday park is a perfect accommodation for a winter holiday. Besides ice skating a lot of other winter activities are possible in the surroundings, like skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoe walking.