map dalarna

Sifferbo is located in the province of DALARNA in central Sweden.
Stockholm is on a distance of 250 km from our park, this is a car drive of about 3.5 hours.

In the little village Djurås, on a distance of 4,5 km from our park, are several shops (for example 2 supermarkets), a petrol station, a restaurant and a pizzeria.

The nearest bigger city is Borlänge, on a distance of 15 km. Here you can find a lot of shops for example the shopping center Kupolen, the largest shopping center of Dalarna, and IKEA.

Leksand, with the beautiful Lake Siljan, is situated only 25 km from our park.

From 400 m from of our park is the bus station "Djurmoskolan". From here you can go by bus to Borlänge and Leksand/Malung. In both Djurås and Borlänge are train stations.

Below is our location by Google Maps.

GPS: N 60.55430 E 015.21408


route sifferbo stugby Sifferbo Stugby och B&B is located 15 km north of Borlänge, situated in a forested environment approx. 400 m from highway 70/E16.
From highway 70 Sifferbo Stugby is signposted.

Route description coming from the South
After passing Borlänge through highway 70/E16 you will see after approx. 15 km at the right-hand side of the road the turn off to Sifferbo. Turn here to the right or drive a further 500 m and turn then to the right. Follow the signs to Sifferbo Stugby.

Route description coming from the North
Follow highway 70/E16 through Djurås in the direction of Borlänge/Stockholm. After passing Djurmo you turn to the left. Follow the signs to Sifferbo Stugby.