Sifferbo is located in the province of DALARNA in central Sweden.
Stockholm is on a distance of 250 km from our park, this is a car drive of about 3.5 hours.

Sifferbo Stugby och B&B is located 15 km north of Borlänge, situated in a forested environment approx. 400 m from highway 70.
From highway E16/70 Sifferbo Stugby is signposted.

In the little village Djurås, on a distance of 4.5 km from our park, are several shops (for example 2 supermarkets), a petrol station, a restaurant and a pizzeria.
The nearest bigger city is Borlänge, on a distance of 15 km. Here you can find a lot of shops and the shopping center Kupolen, the largest shopping center of Dalarna.

From 400 m from of our park is the bus station "Djurmoskolan". From here you can go by bus to Borlänge and Leksand/Malung.
In both Djurås and Borlänge are train stations.

Location GPS: N 60.55430 E 015.21408

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Route description coming from the South
After passing Borlänge through highway E16/70 you will see after approx. 15 km at the right-hand side of the road the turn off to Sifferbo. Turn here to the right or drive a further 500 m and turn then to the right. Follow the signs to Sifferbo Stugby.

Route description coming from the North
Follow highway E16/70 through Djurås in the direction of Borlänge/Stockholm. After passing the little village Djurmo, located at the right-hand side of the road, you turn to the left. Follow the signs to Sifferbo Stugby.

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Sifferbo Stugby och B&B
Gimmenvägen 1
785 63  Sifferbo - Sweden
+46 (0)243-23 03 89

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