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There are many touristic possibilities in the surroundings of our stugby in Sifferbo, part of the Gagnef municipality. Gagnef is situated in the province Dalarna, in the middle of Sweden.

Below you can find links, website addresses, of the most important activities, attractions and places of interest in our surroundings.

Tourist information

Dalarna information

Places of interest 

Copper mine and museum

Falu Gruva

Art museum of Carl and Karin Larsson in Sundborn

Carl Larsson-gården

Museum of the famous swedish artist Zorn in Mora

Zorn Museet

Museum with lace-work, costume and art in Gagnef

Ottilia Adelborgmuseet

Scientific museum with planetarium in Borlänge

2047 Science Center

Limestone quarry/open-air theatre for music festivals and concerts in Rättvik



Golf club Rista

Golfclub Gagnef

Golf club Borlänge

Golfclub Aspeboda

Golf club Falun

Golfclub Dalsjö

Golfclub Leksand

Golfclub Leksand

Ice skating Lake Runn

Runn Winter Week

Adventure park Sommarland

Leksand Sommarland

Skiing Borlänge

Romme Alpin

(Whitewater) kayaking


Biking Siljansleden

Siljansleden Rättvik

Horse riding on Icelandic horses

Sör Sellnäs Islandshästar



Dalarnas Adventure centre

Dalarnas Äventyr