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In Dalarna the golf-courses are a part of the total landscape. They are splendid situated and become merged with the surrounding nature, in woody areas in the middle of the rich nature or in the middle of the fields.
Golf is a very popular sport in Sweden: one of every 20 Swedes plays golf.

In a radius of 20 km from our park you can find three 18-holes golf-courses:
- Gagnefs Golfclub at Rista (Gagnef community), for more information see Gagnefs Golfclub >>
- Aspeboda Golf at Falun, for more information see Falun-Borlänge Golfclub >>
- Dalsjö Golf at Börlange, for more information see Dalsjö Golf >>

Gagnefs Golfclub is only a 10 minutes car drive from our park and you can have also a perfect lunch here.
Besides these three there is also a very nice 18-holes golf-course at Leksand (35 km from our park), for more information see Leksands Golfclub >>

We can organize the rental of a course. Ask us for the possibilities.