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In the direct surroundings of our park you can find a lot of water, so plenty of opportunities for several water activities, such as canoeing, (whitewater) kayaking, rafting and of course swimming.


Canoeing and kayaking

For canoeing there are a lot of possibilities, for instance on the Västerdalälven or on lake Runn.
You can hire a canoe here in the area. Eventually we can take care for your canoe transport.
You enjoy the surroundings in a very special way during paddling in the water. You glide very calmly through the nature.
Several canoe tours can be made with Canadian canoes or with kayaks on the river Dalälven or on the several lakes.
Besides this also kayaking in the wild water rapids is possible on the Västerdalälven.
At Kajaktiv >> at Dala-Floda you can do this and here also courses are been given.



Wild water rapids and exciting falling heights provide a raised heartbeat of the rafting lover.
Rafting, a super adventure, is possible in the rapids of the Västerdalälven at Fänforsen.



In the surroundings of our park there are enough swimming possibilities. In one of the many lakes or in the river Dalälven.
A beautiful swimming possibility is swimming in lake Gimmen at 5 km from our park. Here you can find a little beach and on the water edge you can grill a sausage on a small fire.
You can also swim in the swimming-paradise "Maserhallen Aqua Nova" in Borlänge (open all year round).