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Sifferbo Stugby, situated in Dalarna, is a splendid and pleasant holiday park, a perfect accommodation for a summer holiday.
The surroundings are fantastic and offer many opportunities to relax completely, but also to be active in the nature. This fascinating nature offers a lot of possibilities for all sorts of outdoor activities in the summer, such as walking, cycling, canoeing, swimming, fishing and playing golf. Also going down hill at a summer toboggan run and horse riding are possible.

Summer toboggan run

In Rättvik you will find Sweden's longest and only twin-parallel-track summer toboggan run.
A 725 metre long speed-filled adventure for the whole family. First you will be drawn up in your sled with the drag lift and then you can speed down hill. 
There are two types of sled's; single and double (suitable for an adult or older child with a small child). Children under the of age of 7 years must be accompanied by an adult.
The toboggan run is only open during the summer from about the beginning of June until the end of August. Rättvik is about a 45 minutes car drive from our park.


Horse riding

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings on a horse back is also one of the possibilities. Very popular is riding on Icelandic horses.
In the direct surroundings of our park there are many opportunities for riding horse. This is also possible during the winter time.
At Sör Sellnäs Islandshästar >> you can ride and making tours on Icelandic horses. For instance a tour of 3 hours, included a coffee break, cost about 750 SEK per person. Driving distance from our park to Sör Sellnäs is about 25 minutes.