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The surroundings of Gagnef in Dalarna has a beautiful and varied landscape for all kind of experiences.
As a visitor you can enjoy nature with the deep forests, many lakes, rushing rivers, exciting wilderness, quiet paths, inviting meadows, authentic farms and a fantastic rich flora and fauna.
There are many opportunities to enjoy yourself with all kind of activities and interesting culture.

Gagnef has 20 nature reserves and also many rivers floating through the countryside. The many summer farms (fäbodar in Swedish) with their rich grazing land are interesting oases in the otherwise dominant forest land.
Powerful rapids and untouched lakes contributes to a fantastic natural experience.

In this fantastic nature you can make beautiful walking tours, from little daytrips until tours of more days.
Besides the existing routes we have several self-created routes of various lengths.



Two beautiful nature reserves close to our holiday park.

  • Änjansdalen
    Situated next to our holiday park and very special. Änjansdalen is a valley which is created during thousands of years by the river Sifferbotjärn.
    A trail of 3 km will bring you through the valley. Along the trail there are information panels about the flora and fauna, the geological evolution of the valley and the countryside.
    A shelter (slogbod) with barbecue place stands on a little hill which was formed during the ice-age.

    The climate in Änjansdalen is a so-called local climate. The area has constant high humidity, is almost windless and has much shade of large tree crowns. This climate is perfect for many plants, animals and birds. For example the not-too-common Ostrich fren is growing here. It's a special feeling to walk through this meter high bushes. Also other flora thrives very well in this shady environment, among other things, Muskroot and Gold Saxifrage. This shady environment also contributes to a rich birdlife.
    For example Willow warbler, Icterine Warbler, Wood Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat and Blackcap which nests here for many years.

  • Djurmo Klack-Oxberget
    Djurmo Klack is situated 358 meters above sea level. At the top are two burial mounds, the largest one has a diameter of more than ten meters. Many legends tell of the trolls who lived in the rocks, that can be seen from the main road.
    The cave in the rocks has been formed by frost-erosion. Djurmo Klack is also rich of flora. The slopes of the mountain are in use for nesting various kinds of birds.
    At the top you have a fantastic view over the environment and the course of the river Daläven. Here you can find a information panel which shows all the spots of the environment of Djurmo, a shelter and a barbecue place.
    Oxberget is a mountain from which you have a very wide view of the envrionment. From the top you can also see our holiday park.
    In this nature reserve are marked walking trails.